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 We describe ourselves as do-it-all solution creators. We have spent the better parts of 18 years developing personal websites, designing challenges and goals to accomplish along the way. Whether that requires php coding, javascript integration, or more and more mobile development.
 We can ensure the quality of site specific coding issues, while maintaining a pleasant site experience. Ease of navigation, visual appeal, and outstanding integration within the confines of your specific needs are always key to our design philosophy. Given a time frame to work in and with an end goal in mind, we thrive on the challenge. W will always strive to please the client, both short term and for the long haul.
 Some of the websites we have designed were popular on the old Internet 15+ years ago, but you can still see the overall asthetic we tried to create. Have a look at our portfolio page to get the idea.

We Practice Integrity

 At T&R Services LLC, we believe in the golden rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. Unlike many other companies, we won't try to sell you something that you don't need just to make a quick dollar. We want to keep your business and for you to tell all of your friends and family how satisfied you are.

Latest Site Updates

5/03/2018 - All of our webpages are now officially secure using the latest SSL encryption. It's been setup using the fabulous Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate authority. Should be getting a new tutorial posted about the directions I followed to get it going the proper way. If you notice in the navigation bar of your browser, our sites have the "lock" icon indicating a secure connection.

4/17/2018 - Check out our new store:  Northern Sun Boutique

4/10/2018 - Seriously, if you need website design done on a professional basis CHOOSE US. Use our contact form to explain your needs and we will deliver. We can achieve great results for your website!

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